Officially designated in 1904, Fredon Township was formed from parts of Andover, Green, Hampton and Stillwater Townships and it became the youngest township in Sussex County.

 Fredon was described in 1939 as “a highway junction with a small white schoolhouse”.  Today, the school with its additions, and the municipal building with a firehouse help make the junction the town center.  Fredon remains one of the townships in the county without a village or a “main street”.

 In the early 1800’s this highway junction was called Coursens Corners.  The area had a blacksmith shop, tannery, tailor shop, school and chapel, two stores and a post office.  Near by, the Fountain House was a favorite stopping place for travelers between Newton and Blairstown.  It is still in operation today, but not for overnight customers.

 Hampton and Stillwater Townships border Fredon on the northwest.  It was along this border, through the Paulinskill Valley, that the New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad operated from 1872 until 1962, taking agricultural products to the city.  Today the right-of-way has been developed into the Paulinskill Valley Trail, a non-motorized multi-use trail that is part of the Kittatinny Valley State Park.  This has become a wonderful place to hike, run, cross-country ski and horse back ride.

 The John Coursen farmstead, located across from the township school, is being refurbished by the Keepers of Coursens Corners, a not-for-profit group, to be used by small community groups.  The farmstead reflects the history of agriculture and Fredon’s role in community development.  This historic site compliments the Township’s Park.

Another Part of Fredon’s History-The Coursen House